TripAdLib are two best friends from the early days on: Josef Schaubruch and Nik Heimfarth, a drummer and a pianist from Mainz (Germany). Based on their passion for acoustic instruments and live playing, they break the rules of electronic dance music: With a hybrid set of drums, piano and carefully selected musical accessoires, they combine the emotional depth of acoustic sounds with the energy of electronic devices. TripAdLib are a statement for more human feel in the world of perfection, they take us on a trip of sounds and colours – ad libitum and dedicated to groove.

Drums & Percussion & Effects
Josef Schaubruch

Piano & Synth & Bass
Nik Heimfarth

Visuals & Light
Simon Hegenberg
Studio WAAAS (Florian Kuster // Marcel Fleischmann)

Simon Hegenberg
Maxim Abrossimow

Guilherme Maggessi (Studio Voyage)


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